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Enablement & Empowerment

Spiritually and socially, giving back is a responsibility. Project "DreamBooks" was initiated to help the Ghanaian students of the GMAD foster care home to think technology and be able to apply it to real life problems. Students, mostly, talked about their IT and Computer class as vague, not comprehensible, and hard to understand. This project intended to motivate them to think business and help them to think technology; by enabling them to translate real life problems into data problems and likewise the data solutions explainable and easy to understand for real life end users. Engaging them in the full software development lifecycle and brainstorming on monetary value of their work made the academics tangible and approachable, empowering them to utilize technology towards the advancement of their own daily lives. 

Students presenting their final work to the co-director of the school, their angel investor
Students signing their investment agreement and committing to the maintenance of their product
### As their project initiator, I matched their sales price payable towards a shared savings account for the team ###
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