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Eating for Environment

As a data scientist by choice and an artist by birth, I have joined the Dataists’ movement to acknowledge that humanity has already learned to listen to the universe and to navigate it through data _ an evolution of listening to the universe and navigating it through intuition.  

The enormous amount of information visualized in pleasing ways to engage the brain and convey information makes data art exceptionally valuable for telling complex stories that are backed up with proof; for it’s through stories that we can bring thoughts down to touch, facts down to impressions, bridge spaces of reality with magic, and bend minds.

A week of eating for environment is a data worksheet to learn about your relationship with the 4 worst food for the environment.

Eating4TheEnvironment- SampleDataCollection.jpg
& this is my personal worksheet:

Coffee -  I’m addicted in the morning weekdays / I crave it in the afternoons / I bypassed it during the weekend


Cheese - I must have it on my taco / I craved it on my pasta / I bypassed it for my sandwich


Chocolate - I crave it with my afternoon tea / I bypassed it for my sundae


Red meet - I must have barbecue on weekends / I craved filet during the week/ I chose to have it in moderation in my chili / I bypassed it for my lasagna

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