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A Poem for Data

Like oil, it needs refinement to have value. 

Like sunlight, it is everywhere and underlies everything. 

Like the third eye, it’s a gateway to the unknown. 


The data which its sovereignty challenges all others’ sovereignty. 

The data that is open and yet open to be governed.

The data which its un-territoriality dances the Fourth Amendment between territorial and extraterritorial.


Priced at billions in places where no money is generated.

Praised by millions for the hidden value emanated.

Placed at the core for businesses to be elevated.

This is data, our own dear data; used by the scientists.

Feeding the machines to build our future

They’re taking over it and it’s not a rumor.

Artificially intelligent yet undeniably real

They’re going to change us despite the appeal.


Under their promises for health and economics

WE are dominated; churned for ergonomics

Replaced for better, we survive the battle

Rising once again to the divine Gadol

We recreate humanity, we bring the Fadel

Down to the machines, up through the clouds

Whether in San Francisco, New York, DC, or Seattle

We make history, giving birth to humanity 2.0, in its newly intelligent cradle.

develops and continues

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