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A Data Scientist and Transformational Leader

Looking for my next
to make an impact,
The poet way.


This is me

I am a data scientist seeing through the double lenses of being anthropocentric and data savvy. I am passionate about leading by harnessing the highest potential of individuals through holding the space for unlocking their creativity. I yearn to make data my tool for enhancing lives and saving environments. And when needed, I shall turn it into a poem✨.

Data Science   Spacial Awareness 
Transformational Leadership 

 Innovative Mindset   Data Visualization

Social Impact    Creative Collaboration 

Quantitative Analysis Climate Embassy

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Influencers || Sponsors 

Dr. Rebecca Bilbro, an adjunct faculty of Georgetown University's Data Science program inspired me to find joy in the very geeky aspects of Data Science by embracing it. Offering her teachings with compassion and enthusiasm, she reminded me that our primary connection with our audience is through serving their souls. It is only then that the technical concepts could truly be communicated.

At Logi Analytics, Charles Caldwell, our VP of Product, held firm on sponsoring individuals to find their voices. Through seeing the greatness in people and amplifying it, he called upon his people's most potent characteristics. As a coach, I appreciated and valued his willingness for investing in the untapped potentials and offering mentorship. 

Intentions &


Whether in corporations or in small startups, my intention has been to enlighten my team and my clients with my best technical expertise encapsulated in a coaching aura to empower them with creative possibilities.

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